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    Workers reveal their biggest distractions

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    Social media has been ranked top of most Brits’ biggest daily distractions as part of new studies. A report by Fleximize has revealed that few British workers actually stay focussed throughout the day, with millions potentially wasting more than half an hour each day when they should be working. From the highest senior employees to juniors, a wide range was surveyed and one in five even admitted to wasting more than two hours per day, regardless of weather.

    Instant messaging app WhatsApp led the way as the biggest waste of work time as 72% of workers admitted to using the service for both personal and professional reasons. Meanwhile, 70% of staff use Facebook and less than a half also use Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat. Other than social media distractions, 63% eat at their desks as nearly three quarters have confessed to making up lost time by working for overtime.

    “It’s ironic that social media, which has become an essential tool for businesses, is at the same time proving the biggest drain on employee productivity,” said Peter Tuvey, founder and managing partner of Fleximize. “However, it can also be seen as an opportunity to harness the ‘always on’ mentality of millennials. For example, companies could encourage all staff to gear their social media habits towards business goals, whether that’s seeking out and sharing relevant news stories or keeping an eye on the activity of competitors.”

    “It was a big eye-opener to see that 71% of UK workers are doing up to four hours of overtime each week,” continued Tuvey. “If these figures mean employers should start instating mandatory lunch hours and a “don’t take your work home with you” policy, it could be a big step forward for UK businesses in improving the work-life balance of their teams.”

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