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      Working from home today? Here’s how to stay focused

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      In these soaring temperatures (and even as a general trend), employers are being encouraged to allow employees to work from home.

      Indeed working from home is more popular than ever, with 40% of people now taking the opportunity to do so at least once a week.

      With this in mind, Monster has created some tips on ‘how to ensure you are getting the most out of working from home’…

      Dress to impress – Make yourself presentable and leave your home – take a short walk to get a coffee/newspaper etc. When you return, imagine you’re entering your office. If you want to work like you’re in an office then treat your home like one.

      Don’t get distracted – Draw up a quick list of all the things that could distract you when you are at home. Like watching TV, playing video games, reading, catching up with friends etc.

      Keep this list somewhere you can see it during the day – this is your reward once your work day is over. 

      Start you day in the right way – Get started 30 minutes early and let your team or line manager know that you’ve begun work for the day. This is two-fold. First, it will demonstrate that WFH benefits you and secondly, it shows a willingness to get things done. Remember, colleagues can’t see you so small, recognisable actions will go a long way to keep you in people’s minds.

      Music will help you concentrate – Have the radio or some music on in the background so you don’t feel like you are alone. Of course, if you have a busy household you might be looking forward to some peace and quiet so make sure everyone around you knows when they can and can’t disturb you.

      Finishing for the day – Before thinking about ending for the day – communicate with your colleagues. Is there anything else you can do? Is there anything they need? Ensure nothing is left to chance before you log off for the day.

      Image by Pexels from Pixabay