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Bosses reveal the worst employee habits

Staff can be left frustrated and dejected when they miss out on rewards or praise at work without any explanation, and some workers are even driven to leaving their jobs through poor communication with employers. UK online printer Instantprint have surveyed bosses on the habits that irritate them the most, and how workers can impress management in the hopes of developing and boosting working relationships.

The most welcomed trait in a worker was a positive attitude and willingness to work, according to the study, with 58% believing the trait topped their priorities and made everyone’s working day easier. Conversely, being a cynical or pessimistic presence ranked among the worst traits in staff, considered more of a repellent than poor manners, disorganisation and even poor hygiene, all traits workers were urged to focus and reflect upon.

Appearance didn’t rank too highly when compared to hygiene and overall negativity. Only 2% of SME owners highly valued appropriate work clothing, while going the extra mile and working overtime was valued by fewer than one in 10.

When encouraged to reflect on their own qualities, 90% of managers believed they were generally popular with their workforce and more than four in five bosses didn’t consider themselves a source of irritation in the office. Despite managers feeling confident in their own abilities, employees are still looking for dream bosses they can have a pint with when the day ends.

“Having a great team is one of the most important business success factors and what’s more, they are the people you have to spend most of your life with,” said James Kinsella, co-founder of Instantprint. “For most SME owners and managers, their business is a huge part of their life, so perhaps it doesn’t come as a surprise that attitude comes above everything else. When everyone is under pressure, positivity will always be appreciated, if not needed by managers.’’

You can view the full study here. Do you think you have areas you need to improve on in the office? Let us know on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.