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      Long working hours, tiredness and not enjoying exercise are the top reasons for not keeping fit Is your boss making you unfit? If you work in the travel and transport sectors, research says he/she is. But other professions are also risking their health due to work pressures. Research commissioned by Gympass and exploring the UK’s […]

      Half of us are in the wrong job, reveals new research

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      More than half of working Brits aren’t sure they are in the right career, according to a new report. The study of 2,000 employees also revealed that four out of ten plan to change careers within the next two years as a result, with other findings including: One third of Brits in employment said they […]

      Are we happy enough? Here’s a step-by-step guide to feeling happier

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      The average Brit give himself just 6.37 out of 10 on a happiness scale, with just one in ten rating their life satisfaction at nine or above, according to a recent study. When asked to rate their life satisfaction on a scale from one to ten the average Brit gave themselves a middling 6.37 out […]

      Students choosing skill-based courses as graduates regret academic courses

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      University applications have seen a fall in recent years as people are entering the world of work at younger ages, with the country finding itself in the middle of a boom for academic alternatives. Seeing a shift in the way young people are making their future decisions, training specialist The Knowledge Academy has investigated which […]

      5 ways to rethink the way you work

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      The world of technology is becoming increasingly overwhelming. Sometimes we can’t help but switch off and choose to go for a stroll instead of having a scroll on social media, but when you embrace the ever-evolving world, you’ll find yourself among the leaders of the business world. The team at Market Inspector has created an infographic […]

      How HR needs to learn from Netflix

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      CEOs of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are losing a fifth of their working week to HR activities, leading to many becoming unfocussed on business strategy and the ongoing growth of the company, according to new research. A report from HR software platform breatheHR has urged bosses to embrace the ‘Netflix’ approach as they risk […]

      Are you annoying your colleagues…?

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      New research has found that body odour, interrupting a meeting and a messy desk are the top three annoyances for office staff. Some 586 working Brits were surveyed by Vapourlites and asked to list the colleague habits they found most irritating. Once a list was compiled, another survey was conducted to identify where participants were […]

      Brits are eating the same lunch every day

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      One in three British workers are about to sit down to the exact same lunch they have every other working day, according to the latest study from food delivery service Deliveroo. The report comes as part of the service’s lame lunch amnesty, which is offering free delivered food to replace disappointing dinners across the country. […]

      What’s the worst thing about office work?

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      The average worker spends around two weeks each year, with research revealing the most complained about parts of working in the office. The study was carried out by animal charity SPANA to raise awareness for working animals in developing countries, and revealed that many modern workers across the UK are found to spend a large […]

      Boring work is hurting productivity

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      Boring, repetitive and slow tasks are weighing down Britain’s workforce and stopping real company development despite many tasks having an automated alternative. Tasks like data entry, processing and analysis could be costing businesses around 19 working days a year per employee according to a new study by SnapLogic. The damage done to office productivity leaves […]