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    Need a holiday? Here are the tell tale signs

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    It takes four missed work deadlines, five grumpy mornings and six nights in a row of poor sleep for the average person (well, American) to finally realise they need to take a vacation. That’s according to a survey of 2,000 Americans, which found other circumstances that prompt respondents to look into booking a holiday include […]

    How to fight burnout in the workplace

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    Burnout is a health hazard in the workplace. Paul Friday, Director of Strategic Relationships at leading HR and payroll provider MHR, explores how HR can help protect employees from stress before it spirals out of control… Be honest… do you ever dread going to work? Do work worries hang over you all weekend to the […]

    51% of mothers worry about going back to work

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    Over half of mothers worry about going back to work after giving birth, according to new research. A poll of 1,000 working mothers found — from worries about breastfeeding and finding the right work-life balance, to whether their role had changed while they had been away — 51 percent worried about being a working mother. […]

    Brits treat themselves 3 times a week to cope with stress

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    The stresses, strains and achievements of modern life leave the typical Brit feeling the need to treat themselves up to three times a week. Feeling sad, finishing a big project at work and getting stuck in traffic are among the main reasons for Brits choosing a ‘pick-me-up’. A detailed study into the reasoning behind a […]

    Bad day at work? Louis Armstrong can help

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    Louis Armstrong’s ‘It’s A Wonderful World’ is the song Brits are most likely to play to help them make it through the day. The 1967 ballad came out ahead of The Beatles classic ‘Let it Be’ and Elton John’s ‘Your Song’. Other popular go-to artists for taking time out include Aretha Franklin, Adele and Ed […]

    National Stress Awareness Month: How can Brits improve their work-life balance?

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    We have an important issue to address as almost one third of UK workers feel they have a poor work-life balance. CT Shirts investigates… We have investigated how the UK can improve and taken some tips from other countries. It can take its toll on our home life happiness, relationships and mental health, so this is not […]

    National Stress Awareness Month 2019: Get involved!

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    April 1st marks the start of this year’s National Stress Awareness Month, which PA Life is supporting though a series of print and online editorial content – and we want to hear your views. National Stress Awareness Month has been held every April since 1992 and sees health care professionals and health promotion experts across […]

    ‘Brexit Rage Room’ launches for stressed Britons

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    A bespoke team building company has launched the UK’s first ‘Brexit Rage Room’, to give frustrated teams the opportunity to vent their anger about the UK leaving the EU, or the way the government is dealing with the situation, whilst having fun. The room will include pinatas of politicians, a full-size double decker bus to […]

    What would happen to your body if you swapped your car for a bike?

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    Cycling to work is better for your health, mentally and physically. The UK is a nation of hardcore commuters. The average worker in the UK today will spend over a year of their life commuting to and from — and it’s taking its toll on us mentally and physically. Merlin Cycles challenged the commuting status […]

    2018 Top reasons for work-related stress last year and how to deal with them in 2019

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    The start of the New Year means that you’ve hopefully forgotten the troubles of the past and can concentrate on a fresh new you. But with almost 600,000 workers who suffered stress-related illnesses in 2018, how can we make sure that you feel better over the next 12 months? Recent figures from Health and Safety […]