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    Technology is transforming the future of venue finding

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    By Polly Stobinski, Top Banana

    Venue finding requests tend to be one of those things that lands on your desk, normally at the last minute, and fills you with dread.

    It can be one of those jobs that you think at first will only take you a short amount of time, but after receiving endless emails from different venues, with either no availability or a hundred questions asking what you’re looking for, it actually becomes a time-consuming, resource intensive, daunting job.

    Whilst some people are up for the challenge, others simply find other ways of managing venue finding, including partnering with a venue finding agency. If you type ‘venue finding’ into Google, hundreds of companies come up all offering their support in the search for the perfect venue. But the question is, does this really help, or would it be easier to just do it yourself?

    The good news is, venue finding partners (the good ones!) are worth their weight in gold, taking away the usual tasks such as searching the internet for options, liaising with multiple venues, confirming the right availability, negotiating contracts, and organising food and beverage details…the list does seem endless sometimes.

    The best bit is, technology has completely transformed the process of how clients are able to communicate with agencies, meaning it’s easier and quicker than ever before. Let’s break it down…

    Streamlining your communication

    Digital venue finding solutions enable the communication between the client and the agency to all be in one, easy to access platform. You no longer have to sort through emails, play telephone tennis or have a stack of paperwork on your desk. All communication goes via the online platform, from the initial brief right through to billing and job completion. The full cycle of the venue finding project is all in one place (but with the comfort that there is always a human at the end of the phone if needed).

    Providing you with the gift of time

    With a venue finding agency you deal with one person, not multiple people. That means you just need to provide your brief once and they will go away and communicate with the venues for you. Having a technology solution to manage your venue finding journey means you have all your enquiries, proposals, and venue details all in one, easy to access place. Simply put, technology has kindly given you the gift of time.

    Simplified tracking and reporting

    Often tracking and reporting can be complex, having to pull information and data from all sorts of different places such as spreadsheets, emails and CRM systems. Technology definitely makes that a thing of the past. With a simple click of a button, you can track your budget, spend, bookings and cost savings all in one place.

    In summary, technology really has helped transform the way we complete our everyday tasks, including venue finding. It’s one of the many things we are tasked to do that really can be simplified without spending huge amounts of money or having to use extra resource. It means you’re still in control, but have the support you need, when you need it, at the click of a button.

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