Four ways you can help to improve your employees’ health

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To help you support your staff further, owner and executive chef at George’s Kitchen George Rouse outlines some simple ways you can improve your employees’ health, from hiring a corporate caterer for team meetings to promoting fitness.

Our employees’ wellbeing inevitably impacts their behaviour and accomplishments within the workplace; good nutrition has time and time again been found to correlate significantly with improved performance, enhanced motivation and boosted team morale. As a result, your profit margins inevitably benefit, and a company’s goals are reached more efficiently.

Investing in measures designed to subtly support your employees’ health and wellbeing will reap limitless rewards both financially and with regards to employee turnover as your staff feel more appreciated. Inherently, it is important to consider all aspects of your staff’s wellbeing; from physical health to nutritious food intake and mental stability, demonstrating your ability to sustain a healthy and happy pool of employees will speak volumes for your organisation’s values and ethical standing.

1. Actively encourage regular exercise
It’s often difficult for office workers to maintain regular exercise; stuck behind their desks for hours on end, weight gain and feelings of isolation occasionally follow.

Employers can easily encourage regular exercise in a number of ways; whether this be by collaborating with local gyms to provide a discount as part of their employee bonus package, organising active team events (including regular park runs, or more extravagant day-trip assault courses), or suggesting staff accompany you on walks at lunch. Simply increasing their daily steps with chatty strolls will help to lessen work-related stress, whilst promoting essential exercise.

2. Hire a caterer for team meetings
Regular team meetings are designed to keep all employees on the same page, preventing feelings of stress or disengagement; take these events one step further and seize the opportunity to show that in addition to their professional satisfaction, you also care for their health.

“Investing in measures designed to subtly support your employees’ health and wellbeing will reap limitless rewards both financially and with regards to employee turnover as your staff feel more appreciated.”

Whilst you discuss important work-related topics and plan approachable timetables for the impending week, hire a caterer to provide a nutrient-rich meal or snack. This will make the idea of a busy team meeting seem less daunting, will encourage honest, open conversation and will demonstrate that you go above and beyond to support the wellbeing of your staff. Caterers will help to make your meetings run seamlessly by boosting their energy levels and providing fresh ingredients capable of improving concentration.

3. Think breakfast
Everyone has heard the saying ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day’, however, despite many of us understanding the indisputable health benefits that accompany a nutritious breakfast, it has been reported that a third of office workers skip it all together. Missing out on a delicious meal which, if eaten, will fill you with essential energy and vitamins to see you through the day, these workers inevitably struggle with concentration and performance. More specifically, it has been reported that these British workers are confessing to reduced productivity.

Remind your workers of the importance of breakfast; collaborate with local food vendors to provide discounts for a healthy meal. Alternatively, utilise the services of affordable corporate caterers who can help to design a menu rich in nutrients; investing in additions such as this will prove to be incredibly worthwhile, as it has been found that free breakfasts make for a happier office.

4. Remember their five a day
It’s easy to forget that we’re still advised to eat five pieces of fruit or veg a day. Subtly support your employees’ wellbeing by leaving pieces of fruit accessible throughout the day; this easily implemented and classic method of showing you care will resonate with employees. Often, it’s the little things that mean the most.

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