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      HOW TO: Do business travel – without the stress

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      If an Executive Assistant is stressed, the entire workforce suffers, writes Hannah Harrington, Marketing Executive at Roomex…

      It’s pretty hard to argue that work, as we knew it 20 years ago, is different. Technology prompted workers to change their goals and what they value in their lives and their job. Let’s start with the negatives and work toward the solutions. 

      82 per cent of small business owners work over 40 hours per week, and 50 per cent work over 50. These long hours create stress and can eventually lead to negative outputs. 

      Since many workers don’t have time to relax, exercise, develop hobbies, it’s difficult to lead a balanced life. The word ‘stress’ isn’t just a buzzword – it has dramatic and documented impacts on our bodies. When you’re stressed the body enters what is called ‘fight or flight’, meaning it releases hormones that cause your heart to race, breath shorten, and muscles prepare to act. This is an instinct that we all have for our protection. However, when this stress continues day on day, and week on week, your health begins to be put at serious risk.

      Let’s take the example of an EA, one of the most stressful and ever-changing jobs out there. In our EA survey, 73 per cent of respondents said that they felt unappreciated. Unfortunately, these two findings are linked. If someone is feeling stressed, it often correlates with their happiness and feeling of appreciation.

      We also discovered that 72 per cent of personal assistants have become upset at work because of the stress of their job. 

      And since a PA’s day to day workload is heavy, it’s difficult to build up processes. 

      Business admin tasks come with the job – yet a lot of it is still done manually. This ends up creating more work and more stress for employees. However, the second wave of the technological revolution brought in a handful of tools to help create balance. 

      We can’t solve all the problems associated with admin. However, we can free up one of the biggest workplace stressors – workforce travel. In fact, the majority of PA’s found that workforce travel was one of the most time consuming and stressful parts of their job.

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