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      Spotlight on: JJ Media Group

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      With 30 years’ experience, JJ Media Group has cemented its position as a leading production services specialist. Jade Burke chats with Amy Green, the company’s marketing and new business manager, about its plans for breaking into the corporate world and the power of technology.

      Can you give us a brief history of JJ Media Group?
      With 30 years’ experience, JJ Media Group is the UK’s largest production services company. We are the only business in the UK that offers locations, studios, event spaces, stills and moving image equipment through one consolidated media house.

      We provide our clients with a creative service, offering everything they need throughout the production process. This allows them to focus their energies and resources on making brilliant content, events and more.

      We have welcomed some of the biggest and most exciting global brands to Shoreditch, including ASOS, Burberry, Facebook, Google, Vogue, Dior, Nike, Rihanna, Adele, Dove, Samsung and Alexander McQueen.

      JJ Media is heavily involved in the fashion industry – why are you looking to break into the corporate world?
      More and more our corporate clients are looking for new ways to challenge the status quo for running meetings, events, conferences, away days and more.

      JJ has unique venues not only just in Shoreditch, but also worldwide that have become extremely popular for these occasions. We love to help from design, production and production services and the corporate world definitely allows us to bring this to the table, allowing the client peace of mind that JJ will produce excellence on their behalf.

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      What types of venues do you have on your books?
      JJ Media Group has two locations in Shoreditch; Perseverance Works, a warehouse with five studios available and a courtyard oasis to enjoy when breaking out through the day and Wimborne House, with six studios displaying different interiors and backdrops to make the most of, as well as a roof that gives 360 views of London.

      The history behind this building is fascinating due to it being bombed in WW2. Both our sites have catering, equipment and their own coffee lounges to make the most of.

      We also manage over 2,500 locations worldwide that can be booked, from Stonehenge to the Sir John Soane’s museum, providing our clients with an unforgettable experience.

      AR and VR are fast becoming popular tools when hosting events. Why should people consider using them?
      When trying to bring a story or product to life, nothing can come close to VR and AR technology. By allowing your clients/staff to become immersed in your vision, heightening senses and emotions will deliver a truly wonderful and unique experience.

      With VR being fully immersive, you can add sounds and smells to create narrative around the journey, meaning clients can fully understand the product or event being shown.

      AR, however, is less overwhelming but still just as impressive, great for a 360-vision of what is being produced, sitting in the environment you are in. Both products allow engineers, designers and so on to experience their creations before they are built. Proving extremely helpful for intense training days, team-building activities and meetings where your attendees are in another country. It’s a must try.

      “When trying to bring a story or product to life, nothing can come close to VR and AR technology. Heightening senses will deliver a truly unique experience.”

      Why is it important to consider offering interactivity at an event?
      You have to engage your team to get buy-in for the brand or future of a product, this cannot solely be done by presenting to them. Interactivity allows the imagination to run wild and creativity to flow.

      Take experiential marketing for example, by allowing a consumer to immerse themselves in the experience or product, this in turn will create a deep and emotional bond that will be required to reap an efficient return.

      JJ Media is primarily a photographic studio – how can this space be used for an event?
      Our studios are lifestyle, photographic studios designed to look like unique spaces with shabby chic backdrops, exposed brickwork and vintage props. All these things lend themselves beautifully for creating outstanding events.

      With over 32,000 sq ft of space across both complexes, we will always have something to satisfy your brief. Our studios are a bright and airy blank canvas, begging to be brought to life around your day.


      Some iconic celebrities have walked through your doors. Who has been the biggest star to date?
      We have had various celebrities from Rita Ora and Kate Moss, to Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt for their Vogue cover. As a company we are very strict with their privacy, meaning you could have a celebrity in the room next to you at any point and not realise.

      JJ Media’s venues boast a high profile. What process do you use to select a venue to join your portfolio?
      With 30 years’ experience in the business, we now have a great eye for locations. Plus, our staff have a huge amount of interest in interior design, history and architecture, allowing us to pick the best and most unique venues out there, as well as ensuring they are relevant to each of our clients.

      JJ Media will be hosting the third PA Life Masterclass this year. Taking place at Perseverance Works, Shoreditch on October 25, the event will boast a new layout, including a luxury brand showcase and roundtable sessions with a key focus on topics including rewards and incentives.

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