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    Break your silence on burn-out at work

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    Women, particularly in the corporate world, are struggling to ‘have it all’. Their careers may be going from strength to strength, but burn-out is becoming more of an issue. Wellness expert Amy Gallagher shares her own personal story…

    I am a coach, healer and soul alchemist. I work with female executives.

    My work helps them to transform their lives and realise that life doesn’t have to be a compromise between their career and everything else.

    Women who succeed in the corporate world appear to have it all – a great job and financial independence. They are perceived as strong, unstoppable and unbreakable. But within them there is something else playing out: a constant narrative of self-critique and disappointment. They feel like they are selling their soul to achieve the goals set for them by society: that great job, the high level of income, a lovely home. They have made it. 

    But at what cost? 

    Their relationships suffer, their physical body and mental health are ignored as they invest every ounce of energy in their career. They smile, they bury their untold stories within them, never expressing their real selves.

    I offer a safe, confidential, compassionate ear. Somewhere to break the silence and let their true selves shine. 

    Together we unravel past conditioned beliefs, forgotten childhood experiences and unhelpful behavioural patterns that unconsciously govern the choices they make in their lives. We uncover the woman they came here to be. They walk away as true alchemists of their lives, with their personal power and inner wisdom leading the way.

    I used to be that woman. I worked as a senior female executive in the corporate world for 20 years and walked the path to so-called power and success. With it came financial independence, a great sense of achievement, respect and lots of pats on the back for doing it all on my own.  

    I was the strong woman who had it all. The more people validated this, the more I played out that persona. I worked consistently long hours, ran on adrenalin as I managed large teams, scurried from meeting to meeting, my ego bursting with pride every time I gained a promotion and a bigger salary. 

    My social calendar was hectic so there was no time to rest. ‘Work hard, play hard’ became the mantra I lived by. 

    I wore my busy-ness as a badge of honour. But gradually this way of life became unsatisfying for me. 

    I needed to soften my hard edges – I had become tough, even ruthless at times. I didn’t ever really talk about my feelings. I certainly didn’t ‘do’ being vulnerable. I was much more comfortable helping others.

    For as long as I was sorting their issues, it meant I didn’t have to face into my own.

    With time, I realised my corporate persona caused me to forget my feminine nature – that part of me that knows when to soften, slow down, tune in to my innate wisdom. The part of me that is open to receiving support from others and doesn’t feel the need to do this life all on her own. 

    What I learned was there are times when I want and need to be out there being strong, proactive, a leader, empowered and achieving. But there are also times when I want and need to be more inwards focused, slower, in tune with my intuition, nurturing myself. It’s not a compromise. We can be both – a beautiful mix of the sacred masculine and sacred feminine.

    My biggest transformation was when I found my true voice again, breaking the silence on my stories and feelings, allowing the woman I came here to be to come into the light. That’s when I felt the change. That’s when I had finally come home.

    Amy Gallagher will be presenting seminar sessions at the PA Life Workplace Wellness & Wellbeing Summit which takes place during the PA Show at ExCeL on February 25th & 26th. Find out more here.

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