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    Amy Gallagher

    Autumn and winter can be a time for restoration says Amy Gallagher

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    The darker nights and colder weather are dreaded by many – and this year we have the pandemic to add to our angst. But autumn and winter can be a time for restoration, says transformational coach and healer Amy Gallagher… “As we move into the final months of the year, I’ve noticed a heavier energy […]

    A guided meditation session with Amy Gallagher

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    Join Transformational Coach and Healer Amy Gallagher for a guided meditation session that will help ground your energy, clear negativity and create a sense of renewal. No meditation experience is necessary, simply follow the video below:   The second lockdown has been more challenging than the first for many people. After nearly a year of […]

    Amy Gallagher shares five wellbeing tips for the second lockdown

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    Transformational Coach Amy Gallagher offers some insightful guidance on how to keep your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing at the top of your list in the video below:   With Lockdown 2.0 well underway, Amy’s top tips are: Limit your daily news intake – Too much news intake can be overwhelming causing anxiety and negativity. […]

    Life after Lockdown: How to embrace the New Normal

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    As we emerge out of lockdown, transformational coach and healer Amy Gallagher invites you to explore the habits you want to keep, the ones to leave behind and how to deal with new anxieties around embracing the New Normal… Wow! What a year 2020 is turning out to be. Many of you sailed into this […]

    Healing your inner masculine and feminine energies

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    With the current coronavirus pandemic, Amy Gallagher of Amy Gallagher Coaching believes it’s never been more important to balance your male and female traits – and explains how… We all have masculine and feminine energies within us, regardless of our gender. We need these energies to be balanced and united for us to feel whole. […]

    The Imperfect PA – A celebration of being authentic in the workplace

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    Is striving to be perfect in the workplace more important than being authentic? Amy Gallagher from Amy Gallagher Coaching says it’s about fully embracing who we are… Let’s face it, most of us think we are authentic, right? If we’re not authentic then we are fake, shallow, imperfect… or are we?  The truth is authenticity […]

    Break your silence on burn-out at work

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    Women, particularly in the corporate world, are struggling to ‘have it all’. Their careers may be going from strength to strength, but burn-out is becoming more of an issue. Wellness expert Amy Gallagher shares her own personal story… I am a coach, healer and soul alchemist. I work with female executives. My work helps them […]

    How to be a happy, healthy & balanced PA

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    When we think of self-care, it’s easy to relate it to regular exercise, a balanced diet and taking time out for our favourite, relaxing pastime. Doing all or some of these is fantastic but our self-care involves a whole lot more. Amy Gallagher from Tula Wellness kicks off a new series covering Wellness in Workplace… […]