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    Event Wellbeing Week turns into Event Wellbeing Month

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    Since launching in 2017, Eventwell‘s Event Wellbeing week has been a platform for individuals and businesses in the events industry to come together to campaign and advocate for better mental health and wellbeing for all.

    This year also saw the introduction of Event Wellbeing Day in February, coinciding with International Confex. However due to the global pandemic and the effect it has had on the industry, Event Wellbeing Week is turning into Event Wellbeing Month starting on September 1st.

    This year’s #EventWell20 campaign educates on the importance of a commitment to providing better support for employees and talent, and to making a positive change to workplace culture and mental health. It also educates on the importance of self-care and building resilience as creative professionals so that we can better manage stress, drive our productivity and creativity and, stay event well.

    The four weeks of September will be split into four different focused topics as follows:
    Week 1 (Tuesday 1st – Monday 7th) 7 Days of Sleep
    Week 2 (Tuesday 8th – Monday 14th) 7 Days of Movement
    Week 3 (Tuesday 15th – Monday 21st) 7 Days of Nutrition
    Week 4 (Tuesday 22nd – Wednesday 30th) 9 Days of Action

    Each week will see a series of events, podcasts, activities and blogs dedicated to; getting a better night’s sleep, highlighting the importance of exercise, ensuring healthy diets and showing businesses and individuals how they can take action to tackle poor mental health in the creative, event, hospitality and travel industry.

    Helen Moon, CEO of EventWell said: “2020 has been an extremely challenging year for our industry and so it was felt that our yearly September campaign week would just not be long enough, hence switching it to a month long.

    “As part of the nine days of action we will also be encouraging all event businesses to sign the EventWell Manifesto. We need to make an important step as an industry and a real commitment to positive culture change, for the benefit of all – as we all have mental health!”

    Louise Warren, COO and Co-Founder EventWell#17, added: “The challenges that we are facing as an industry right now mean that there has never been a more important time to be talking about mental health and wellbeing. Many of our industry professionals are currently facing trauma and real challenges and difficulties, due to redundancy, closure of businesses and venues. The aim not just for the month of September, but for always, is to provide not only help and support but to encourage further education and thought leadership for the industry.”

    PA Life and Eventwell will also be hosting the Wellness Revival Festival during the Event Wellbeing Month. This one-day conference will take place on September 16th and is free to attend. Register for your place here.

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