How to write a CV when changing careers

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Personalising a CV for the job you want can be a difficult task, especially as the way employers digest CVs continues to change, but the challenge can be even greater when faced with embarking on a new career path. Detailing which experience is the most relevant to your new job opportunities and understanding what different recruiters look for is a major step in the right direction, and CV Library has compiled a list of ways to help prepare you for the road ahead.

Research the landscape
Try and familiarise yourself with the industry, how current events are shaping it and what recruiters will be looking for in a new employee. Learning about the career will help you understand how to prioritise which skills to highlight, and will let bosses know that your career move comes is an educated decision. Make sure your CV reflects that you understand the industry, even if you have relatively little experience within it.

Emphasise your enthusiasm
Ensure you have the right skills and abilities to let recruiters know that hiring you isn’t too much of a risk. Highlight personal passions and provide evidence of past qualifications or voluntary work that show bosses that you have what they need. If you don’t have much to show in the way of experience, show ways you will go above and beyond, and are eager to learn.

Grab the recruiters
Starting your CV with an eye-grabbing description and profile about yourself will keep recruiters reading. While relevant when applying for other jobs, making sure your CV is attractive and fun to read can go a long way when your past experiences may not be all too relevant to the application. Getting the appropriate people to read your CV is half the battle.

Be brutal
Be tough on yourself when editing down your CV. Make sure it’s readable and manageable, but most importantly don’t be afraid to cut out work experience that bosses don’t need to know about. Prove you’ve been working, but if your previous roles weren’t relevant, put the focus on jobs that’ll be useful and trim the fat for positions that don’t ensure you reach the interview.

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