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    PA LIFE LOCKDOWN SURVEY #1: We’re working – despite the challenges!

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    Almost 90% of PA Life readers have avoided furlough – showing that PAs, EAs and other administrative assistants remain the glue that’s holding together businesses during this time.

    A survey of PA Life readers has revealed that 89% are still working – although some have been asked to work reduced hours and some have been asked to take a pay cut during the Covid-19 lockdown.

    However, in terms of long-term financial security, feelings are split – 46% are concerned about personal finances, with 44% not so worried. However, many of the latter had a caveat: “Not at present, but we don’t know how long this will go on for”.

    As we all know, the challenges of working from home are many and varied – particularly for those of us with children at home. But for the majority of PA Life readers, it’s a feeling of isolation that’s proving the most difficult, with 30% listing this as their biggest challenge.

    Keeping in touch with execs and their teams comes in at 21%, followed by juggling work with home schooling or childcare. And 4.5% are struggling with inadequate technology tech at home.

    Other issues facing our readers include:
    – Not being able to switch off at the end of the working day
    – Trying to manage not just my workload but mental health too
    – Not having a proper desk and chair
    – No printer, slow network drives
    – Working longer hours
    – Everyone being at home which means I’m unable to concentrate
    – Staying motivated

    The dining room has become a work space for most, with 29% setting up there, just behind the 28% lucky ones who have a dedicated office. Some 13% meanwhile are working from the kitchen table and 11% are in the bedroom. Other workplaces include the couch in the living room and the shed/cabin/summer house in the garden.

    Technology – including new hardware and software – is playing a huge part in how we all manage working from home. These are the most valuable pieces of tech for PAs and EAs currently:
    – Video conferencing software – 45%
    – Laptop – 20%
    – A good internet connection – 13%
    – Extra screen/monitor – 9%
    – Phone – 5%
    – Headset – 3%
    – Call forwarding software – 2%

    What are the biggest challenges you’re facing? Email Lisa.Carter@mimrammedia.com.

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