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    Autumn and winter can be a time for restoration says Amy Gallagher

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    The darker nights and colder weather are dreaded by many – and this year we have the pandemic to add to our angst.

    But autumn and winter can be a time for restoration, says transformational coach and healer Amy Gallagher…

    “As we move into the final months of the year, I’ve noticed a heavier energy in my clients and the people around me. Of course, the continuation of COVID contributes to this. The common belief in everyone is it’s going to be harder to tolerate the pandemic and its restrictions as we journey into the darker part of the year without the usual festive parties and get-togethers.

    I might be in the minority, but I’m actually welcoming the autumn/winter months without the obligatory Christmas parties and annual drunken meet-ups. Why? Because I believe we should honour the seasons and the rhythms of nature. The shorter, colder days are an invitation for us to slow down, to go inwards and settle into the darkness.

    It’s in the darkness where we can find stillness, connect deeply to our intuition, have our big moments of inspiration and plant internal seeds that will sprout and grow into our visions next spring.

    ‘Only in the darkness can you see the stars,’ said Martin Luther King…

    It’s in the darkness where we can rest and restore. This is what our bodies and minds crave. We can’t keep being busy all the time, always doing. This is what creates the imbalances within us, the tiredness, the depletion, the exhaustion, the illnesses. And more than ever we need to be mindful of keeping our immune systems strong and healthy.”

    Here are some tips on how to embrace the change of pace and the onset of winter:

    Long autumnal walks in nature – regular walks in nature will enable you to get your much-needed fresh air as well as regular exercise.

    Sleep more – it’s natural to have less energy at this time of year and to want to sleep more and move less. Honour what your body is asking for and go to bed earlier or give yourself time and space to have that extra hour in bed on a Saturday and Sunday.

    Adjust your diet – your body will be craving warming stews and soups during the winter months rather than cold, raw salads. Fill yourself up on grounding veggies. There’s nothing more comforting than a bowl of steaming hot soup on a cold winter’s day.

    Slower movement – during the winter months, take more time to warm up and wind down. Take some time to review your exercise regime and slow it down if it feels too fast and forced for this time of year.

    Create a reading list – being indoors more can sometimes invite more mindless scrolling on social media. Instead, create a reading list of all the books you’ve been eyeing up or ask friends for recommendations. Reading in the warmth of your home (in front of an open fire if you’re lucky) is a beautiful pastime and encourages stillness and calm.

    Amy Gallagher is offering FREE 30-minute consultations for anyone in need of support during these times. Please email amy@amy-gallagher.com to arrange an appointment.

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