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    Life after Lockdown: How to embrace the New Normal

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    As we emerge out of lockdown, transformational coach and healer Amy Gallagher invites you to explore the habits you want to keep, the ones to leave behind and how to deal with new anxieties around embracing the New Normal…

    Wow! What a year 2020 is turning out to be. Many of you sailed into this new decade with high hopes of fresh starts. Many of you felt like your hopes were dashed pretty sharpish when you went into lockdown.

    Being taken off your desired path doesn’t have to be bad news. In fact, it’s often a calling for you to review where you are in your life; an opportunity to let outworn behaviours and beliefs fall away to make space for a new way of being.


    Getting outside and exploring nature

    Walking in nature is a beautiful and enjoyable way to calm your mind and ground your energy. It’s also a great form of exercise to notch up your steps to the desired 10k a day.

    Cooking from scratch

    A survey conducted by Flora revealed that almost half the people they spoke to have been cooking from scratch more regularly and approximately one third eating more healthily. A healthy diet contributes to a strong immune system – so keep on eating those greens.

    Slower pace of life 

    Most of you went from living a fast life with busy schedules to being forced to stay at home with nowhere to be. Slowing down can have a calming and relaxing effect on body and mind.

    Moving more

    A survey commissioned by Nuffield Health revealed that 76% of you have taken up at least one new form of exercise since lockdown began, with walking and cycling being the faves. Keep on moving for improved physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.


    Increased alcohol intake

    According to YouGov, 35% of you have been drinking more in lockdown, with 28% saying you have been drinking a little more and 7% a lot more. Excessive drinking can have a serious impact on your wellbeing. Be honest with yourself if your intake has increased and seek help if you feel it’s spiralling out of control.

    Erratic sleeping habits

    You may have moaned in the past about the mundanity of a routine, but it does help with sleep quality and patterns. Aim to go to bed at the same time each night and set your alarm for the same time each morning. Try to avoid reading news before bedtime and give yourself a break from your screen before you hit the hay.

    Increased screen time

    More video calls, more time to mindlessly scroll through social media, digesting more online news mean it might be time to review your screen time. If yours has increased significantly, try turning your phone off an hour before bedtime, limit your news time to once a day and experiment with listening to a podcast or reading a book rather than looking at Facebook and Instagram.

    Comfort eating

    A King’s College and Ipsos MORI survey reports that 48% of its respondents have put on weight during lockdown and most of it is down to comfort eating. Getting outside, more movement and establishing a healthy routine can help get you back on track.

    Remember, lockdown was an extraordinary experience. Go easy on yourself if you’ve formed habits that aren’t serving you. If you feel anxious about going back to work, travelling on public transport or mixing in public again, do it at your pace as much as you can. You can get back on track and you don’t have to do it alone. Ensure you reach out for help from family, friends or a professional. I offer free 30-minute consultations.

    Email amy@amy-gallagher.com to book an appointment.

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