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    Team-building challenges boost office happiness

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    Not looking forward to your next team-building exercise? A new study from the What Works Centre for Wellbeing has revealed that shared workplace activities are boosting productivity and keeping workforces healthy over time through an improved ‘social atmosphere’. The most successful activities were found to be the ones that involved the whole team, especially people […]

    Bosses reveal the worst employee habits

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    Staff can be left frustrated and dejected when they miss out on rewards or praise at work without any explanation, and some workers are even driven to leaving their jobs through poor communication with employers. UK online printer Instantprint have surveyed bosses on the habits that irritate them the most, and how workers can impress […]

    The cost of poor diet in the workplace

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    Not looking after yourself in and out of the office is affecting your work ethic, according to new studies. Research by industry body British Summer Fruits showed that employees believe they would have a better mood, more positive work output and have lower stress levels if they were given the opportunity to eat healthier at […]

    Brits are wasting the work day

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    British employees are spending too much of their day procrastinating, according to new research. Figures by Reboot Online reveal that many Brits are wasting their work day by avoiding the tasks they’ve been told to do and burning up more than a whole day of work per work. Workers across the UK admitted they spend […]

    How not to call in sick

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    Waking up on Monday morning, not everyone is enthused to leave the comfort of their bed, let alone their house. When running out of holiday or looking for a quick break from the daily grind, calling in sick is one of the nation’s top guilty pleasures but not everyone is highly skilled in the art. […]

    How to stay motivated during the summer slump

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    When the sun is shining and all you want to do is spend time outside instead of stuck in the office, bosses are being urged to do more to keep workers focussed through the holiday months. Productivity specialist Workfront has compiled its top five ways to stay motivated and power through the ‘summer slump’. Communicate […]

    Taking a social media break could make you a better worker

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    As the UK continues to embrace the digital age, most of us never seem to be off our phone. For many across the country, checking their phone is the first thing they do in the morning and the last thing they do at night, but bringing social media into the office is still very much […]

    How Facebook has changed the way we work

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    Stuart Logan, Chief HR Officer at SoftServe explains how his company has utilised Workplace by Facebook to help its global employees stay in touch In October 2016, Facebook announced the launch of its corporate social network, Workplace. People work in different ways, and Workplace’s mission is to help them stay connected. For SoftServe, a global […]

    Is your company prepared for future technology?

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    Technology is continuing to change, and companies have had to adapt quickly to keep relevant in the shifting landscape, but just how has it altered the way we see the business world? Business Energy comparison specialist Love Energy Savings has investigated the changes in tech and has spoken to industry experts to identify the best […]

    Is your work ethic affecting your relationship?

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    Your organisation in the office could be the key to a successful love life, according to new studies. A survey by Rescue Remedy revealed that relationships regularly reach breaking point due to a lack of organisation and communication skills, with many across the country admitting their partner is often responsible for being late for work, […]