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    Do you suffer from ‘brain fade’?

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    Have you ever walked into a room and forgotten why you went in there, called a friend by the wrong name or lost your thought process midway through an email? You aren’t alone… These are ‘brain fades’, and millions of Brits are suffering from them each year, according to new studies. Research by Rescue Plus […]

    Are you drinking too much coffee?

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    Caffeine is among the most widely consumed drugs in the world. It’s consumed in our working day, with our meals and it’s even consumed in the evening. It wakes us up and keeps us going, it affects our day, our mood and changes our habits, but is this all a good thing? How much coffee […]

    Britain’s top office practical jokes revealed

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    Practical jokes have a time and a place, but should they be encouraged in the office? Depending on where you are in the country, you may be more likely to benefit from a workplace prank, according to a recent survey. Kit Out My Office asked 1,594 people in order to create, probably, the first ever […]

    How unhealthy is your office?

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    We all know that an unhealthy lifestyle is bad for our health, both mentally and physically. But can it harm our productivity at work? We all take great care to eat healthy and exercise regularly at home, with various diets and training regimes, along with the somewhat elusive gym membership. But according to new research […]

    20% of candidates miss out on job opportunities because they aren’t the right ‘cultural fit’

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    Workers across the country could be missing out on jobs because they aren’t considered the right fit for company culture, according research released from job board totaljobs. One in five bosses have admitted they have chosen not to hire a candidate based on if they were considered a poor fit in the office. Just 1% […]

    How HR needs to learn from Netflix

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    CEOs of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are losing a fifth of their working week to HR activities, leading to many becoming unfocussed on business strategy and the ongoing growth of the company, according to new research. A report from HR software platform breatheHR has urged bosses to embrace the ‘Netflix’ approach as they risk […]

    How Unique are You?

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    New research has uncovered the odds of you being one of a lucky few with certain appearances, possessions, and abilities. Stressed for an interview and mentally comparing yourself to the other candidates in the waiting room, it can be easy to forget what makes you stand out from the crowd. However, very soon, and in […]

    Business leaders set their sights on young innovators

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    Bosses are taking notice of the youngest workers as CEOs reveal they expect ‘Generation Z’ to have a positive impact on business growth and commercial success, according to new figures. A study by graduate recruitment specialist Pareto Law revealed that many senior figures are enthusiastic about how the youth will affect the way businesses work, […]

    Why you should be hiring Millennials

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    Managers are unsure of what to make of Millennials. Are they the lazy generation or are they too committed? Do they have it all figured out or are they learning it all from the TV? Whatever the case, they’re shaking up the workplace, and bringing them into your company is the quickest way to futureproof […]

    Workers are abandoning their talents

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    British workers are choosing busier jobs and social media breaks over pursuing their dreams, according to new reports. A study by BIC revealed that 63% of Brits have completely abandoned the talents and hobbies they were passionate about as children, with fears that employees are becoming less creative as a result. Everyday life and hectic […]