Meet Story Events’ #StoryGivesBack event suppliers

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Story Events returns next year with its London Summer Event Show, where a string of new event suppliers will be taking to the show floor as part of the #StoryGivesBack initiative. Below, we meet some of these innovative new suppliers.

As an EA/PA, you most definitely have the business looking to you for the most efficient and innovative solutions to a whole range of tasks.

Events are one of these tasks, and from an outsider’s perspective can often be seen as less serious than other EA/PA duties. However, this could not be further from the truth as organisations look to their events as a way to communicate, build staff moral and more.

The event industry in itself is extremely fast-paced, so ensuring you are presenting the best solutions for your business can often be a time-consuming task. Exhibitions such as the London Summer Event Show (January 23, 2019, Banking Hall) remain extremely relevant in presenting a platform for EAs/PAs to gain a whole range of inspiration in a relatively short time-frame and of course, under one roof.

The London Summer Event Show changes its theme every year (the 2019 theme being ‘Heatwave’) and boasts initiatives such as #StoryGivesBack (where the event offers a number of free stands to new event suppliers) to ensure they are presenting some of the newest event suppliers in the industry.

Below are this year’s #StoryGivesBack event suppliers, make sure you register for a complimentary ticket to the show to meet these lovely new suppliers, as well as over 150 other event venues and suppliers in the industry to inspire your next event.

1. Vespucci Adventures

 Who are they?
Vespucci Adventures curate self-guided walks, rides and mini adventures for a team-building activity like no other. Whether your team would be more into walking, cycling or even pushing the boundaries, Vespucci carefully creates each adventure to suit you and your team. Adventures include beautiful walks in the South Downs, wild swimming, kayaking up the Thames, cycle rides in Sussex night sky viewing and more.

Why did you start your business?
We founded Vespucci Adventures because we feel passionate about the benefits of putting the phone away and getting outside with family, friends or colleagues. We’ve done a lot of walking and cycling and wanted to share our experience with a wider audience. Vespucci Adventures aspires to become a trusted source of great self-guided walks, cycle rides and other adventures. Re-connecting with friends and the world around you is the perfect antidote to stress and anxiety and we firmly believe that our adventures make a very positive contribution to mindfulness and well-being.

What does it mean to you to win a stand at the London Summer Event Show?
We are thrilled to win a stand at the London Summer Event Show. Vespucci Adventures’ aim is to engage with companies that take the mindfulness and well-being of their staff seriously. There is a well-documented link between staff well-being and productivity, retention and recruitment. Our co-branded Adventure Packs are the perfect corporate gift for staff and clients with bespoke messaging allowing a company to demonstrate how seriously it takes this issue. At the London Summer Event Show 2019, we hope our message and offering will resonate with companies who are looking for a cost-effective way of encouraging staff to do something new and different.

The Vino Van Photo

2. The Vino Van

Who are they?
The Vino Van Events offer a lovingly restored horse box come bar, as well as free standing indoor bars for hire, that way the fun never stops even if the English weather does. The van offers a number of packages including gin, prosecco, dry hire or standard bar – along with quirks such as pimp your gin/prosecco. They customise the bar to suit the occasion, and the customer.

Why did you start your business?
I started the business in 2017 when I had an idea of transforming a horse trailer into a prosecco bar. It was a light bulb moment and with my interest in business, love for prosecco and recent redundancy I decided to quite the rat race and go for it! Since then the business has formed into a mobile bar business, offering a range of bars including cocktail, gin and a fully operational bar.

What does it mean to you to win a stand at the London Summer Event Show?
It is fantastic to win a stand at London Summer Event Show. We are very keen to reach more people in the events industry and this the perfect place to do so. We are looking forward to popping opening the prosecco in January and showcasing what we offer!

3. Locate to Create

Who are they?
Locate to Create is a family run business with a passion for locating unique and quirky items to help create bespoke events and experiences. They specialise in all things vintage, rustic and boho and offer more than just an online inventory of items, liaising closely with clients to offer a personalised service, bringing visions and ideas to reality. By combining both their Prop Hire and Styling Services they are able to create bespoke immersive events and experiences.

 Why did you start your business?
While at university and during my year’s work placement in London, I discovered a gap in the market and a need for a more approachable and unique prop hire & event styling company. We pride ourselves on offering items that you wouldn’t usually expect and items that are difficult to source or make yourself. Locate to Create can and will source items for individuals wants and needs.

What does it mean to you to win a stand at the London Summer Event Show?
Winning a stand at the London Summer Event Show is an incredible opportunity for Locate to Create and we feel very honoured to have been chosen. The show will allow us to build some incredible contacts, with both potential clients and other exhibitors alike, as well as building our reputation and brand. Thank you Story Events!



4. Little Cake Garden

Who are they?
Little Cake Garden specialise in wedding cakes and desserts for events. They consider taste to be just as, if not more important than the aesthetic of their brand and have worked tirelessly to perfect each one of their flavours. Their cakes are real – no matter how many tiers they are and they never repeat a design; all their clients enjoy the benefit of truly bespoke creations.

Why did you start your business?
Little Cake Garden was born out of pure serendipity. I was originally a Psychology teacher and absolutely loved my career. The summer holidays allowed ample time for picking up new hobbies – of which baking was one! As my love for baking was growing, my love for teaching Psychology was waning.

While searching for a new career path, my then boyfriend’s (now husband and business partner) brother was getting married and asked me to make his wedding cake: “Only a four-tier, blue dyed, white sponge cake.” Having never made one before, I foolishly agreed. Then began the cycle of practice, fail, cry, and repeat for four months.

When the big day came, the cake was met with amazing warm appreciation by the bridal couple and guests alike. From there, more requests came pouring in and one day, musing over possible business names with my co-teacher, Little Cake Garden was born.

What does it mean to you to win a stand at the London Summer Event Show?
We are really grateful and excited to have won a stand at the London Summer Event Show. We are already looking forward to creating a beautiful (and delicious) stand for all the attendees to experience. We pride ourselves on capturing the desires of our clients in the most imaginative and tasteful ways, and we know that exhibiting will allow us to communicate the quality of our values in person. We look to build brand awareness through the event, to show just how versatile our cakes and desserts can be, and to make good contacts for those ever-crucial industry relations and partnerships. Bring on the ‘heatwave’!

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