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      Tired at work? You’re not the only one

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      74% of Brits get less than eight hours of sleep a night, which is the suggested healthy amount for adults, while one in ten get four or fewer hours of sleep a night, which the NHS warns makes people more susceptible to conditions like diabetes.

      That’s according to a survey conducted by bed and mattress specialists Bed SOS, which also cites research that says sleep deprivation can lead to weight gain, a weaker immune system and an increased risk of heart disease.

      Across the UK, over half (53%) admit that they probably don’t get enough shut-eye, with a fifth (20%) feeling tired or exhausted throughout the day.

      Women are less likely than men to feel satisfied with their sleep (44% vs 51%) and generally feel less refreshed when they wake up on a morning (11% vs 18%).

      There is also significant variation among professions, with some workers far more likely than others to get their recommended sleep.

      Marketing professionals are the most likely to get the suggested quantity, with just two in five (40%) not getting enough sleep. In contrast, teachers are among the most sleep-deprived, with more than four in five (83%) averaging less than eight hours a night.

      Some cities also suffer more than others, with the people of Norwich the least likely to get the recommended amount of sleep. A staggering 87% of its residents don’t get eight hours a night, with Nottingham and Newcastle close behind (both 83%). On the other hand, those in Belfast (59%) and Bristol (60%) are the best sleepers in the UK.

      The top five most sleep-deprived cities, where people are the least likely to get the recommended eight hours of sleep a night, are:

      1) Norwich – 87%

      2) Nottingham – 83%

      = Newcastle – 83%

      4) Liverpool – 80%

      5) Southampton – 79%

      To see a full list of bizarre sleep deprivation stories, visit: https://www.bedsos.co.uk/blog/2019/11/struggling-sleepers-10-of-the-funniest-sleep-deprived-fails/

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