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    Top 10 stories of the week

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    The business world has been buzzing this week about the CIPD’s news that it would take the average employee 160 years to earn what a top FTSE 100 CEO makes in just one year. While there has been a dip in average executive pay, the discrepancy between those at the top and the people working for them is astonishing. We’ve posted a Twitter poll to find out your thoughts on the matter – be sure to stop by and let us know. First, let’s find out what other stories your fellow PAs have been reading this week.

    1. UK PA and secretarial jobs increase by 19%
    British PA and support jobs have risen by nearly a fifth compared to last year, according to new figures by Robert Walters. Despite many businesses initially raising concerns of how the General Election could negatively affect the industry and employment, many companies have grown during the second quarter of this year, which in turn has led to a boost in demand for secretarial professionals to further maintain growth.

    2. App of the week: Zipongo
    When you’re busy at work and your personal life, it’s easy to slip into the habit of eating whatever’s quick and filling – that could mean getting a poor diet. Eating unhealthy foods can have long-term effects that lead to chronic illness. This is why Zipongo was developed – to help employees plan their meals and shopping lists for a better diet.

    3. PAs desire to feel valued
    Contrary to our own Twitter poll that shows colleagues are the most important aspect of a job, the new Hays What Workers Want Report 2017 reveals PAs are heavily influenced by pay when deciding whether to stay in a job or accept a new one.

    4. Dog owners are happier, healthier and more productive
    Owning a dog will make you happier, healthier and more satisfied in your workplace compared to people without dogs, according to a new study. Research by One Poll revealed that taking your dog for a walk can not only positively affect your health but also improve your social skills as you end up meeting with other dog walkers; a skill that, when brought to the office, helps you make more friends and enjoy your time in the office.

    5. How to survive the job interview
    Getting through a job interview unscathed is a tricky task, especially when up against a high-profile company or a strict recruiter. While making a lasting and positive first impression can make or break your interview within seconds of arriving, the art of leaving a good impression has been dwindling among new recruits, and we have come up with our very own PA Life interview survival guide.

    6. UK offices suffer from serial snackers
    British workers in search of a snack look in the office fridge or food cupboards 13 times a day, according to new research, with some saying they do it simply because they’re bored.

    7. How to talk about pay at work
    With the BBC releasing the salaries of its highest-paid stars, the hot topic of the moment is whether people should feel free to discuss their pay with their colleagues. A recent Twitter poll revealed 53% of PA Life readers think remuneration should be kept private, but those who thought it was acceptable feel quite strongly. If you decide to have this conversation with your co-workers, here are a few tips from The Muse’s Michelle Seitzer on how to proceed professionally.

    8. Workers reveal their biggest distractions
    Social media has been ranked top of most Brits’ biggest daily distractions as part of new studies. A report by Fleximize has revealed that few British workers actually stay focussed throughout the day, with millions potentially wasting more than half an hour each day when they should be working. From the highest senior employees to juniors, a wide range was surveyed and one in five even admitted to wasting more than two hours per day, regardless of weather.

    9. Brits wouldn’t tell their boss they’ve won the lottery
    Contrary to the belief that most people would hand in their notice as soon as they found out they’d won the lottery, a staggering 83% of Brits say they wouldn’t tell their boss they’d hit the jackpot.

    10. The July/August issue of PA Life is out now
    The latest issue of PA Life is now available to read online. Inside you’ll find everything you need to plan the perfect Christmas party in our suppliers’ guide – think unique venues, tasty catering and even the ideal place to escape the winter blues.

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