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  1. The first dedicated prosecco festival is on tour
    Britain’s first dedicated prosecco festival has hit the road and is making its way across the country. Offering attendees access to 40 different types of prosecco, the ultimate festival for prosecco enthusiasts is expected to attract more than 2,100 attendees.
  2. Are younger generations losing vital skills?
    With younger workers have grown up in a very different world to that of their seniors, and bosses are concerned that differences in culture mean that businesses are missing out on valuable personal skills.
  3. Businesses brace themselves for the worst flu season on record 
    British businesses are taking the cold very seriously as firms have seen a 353% rise over the past five years, according to Bupa. The health insurance company has revealed that more and more bosses are providing their employees with flu jab vouchers as part of their corporate health and benefits packages to boost productivity, reduce sick days and potentially save millions in lost revenue.
  4. App of the Week: SaveMyTime
    Do you ever feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day, and find yourself lying in bed wondering where all the time goes? Well if you really want to know, and want to make a change, let me introduce you to SaveMyTime.
  5. Would you put a price on your relationship?
    Millions of Brits have revealed they would trade in their relationship and even ditch their spouse for as little £50,000, but how far would you go for a pay rise?
  6. How bosses need to treat their younger staff 
    Everyone engages with their management in different ways. Some need strong guidance while others benefit from a softer touch, and it’s up to bosses to decide whether they change managerial styles for different workers or if they choose a one-size-fits-all approach.
  7. Workers expected to feel inflation pinch up until Christmas
    Brits are beginning to feel the pinch as pay is failing to meet the levels of increased inflation, according to reports by the Office of National Statistics.
  8. Grazing Catering launches on-demand ordering system
    Grazing Catering, the flexible workplace and venue food company, has today announced the launch of ‘Catering on Demand’ – an industry-first online ordering system that will provide office and facilities managers with a totally flexible end-to-end workplace feeding facility.
  9. Digital Edition: September 2017
    Check out our latest magazine, featuring our profile with EA to the MD of the Monaco Tourist Authority, Noémi Guy…
  10. See the 12 worst commuters we deal with every day
    Commuting is a cause of daily stress for most of us, and it’s not going to change any time soon. The work commute was ranked among PA Life readers’ worst parts of office life, sharing the lead with bad bosses, and the people the other people on the road or taking the same transport as us is a main reason for stress.
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