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      1. Cleaning office mess improves our productivity
      British workers have admitted they find tidying to be satisfying rather than just a chore, according to new findings by Avery UK. In fact, most people across the country would even go as far as to say it has therapeutic value, being considered a good combatant  for stressful situations.

      2. App of the Week: Spendee
      A big part of life is budgeting but it’s not always fun, easy or satisfying to take the time to manage your finances. I’ve personally attempted various different strategies to try and find where all the money goes each month, and with Christmas on the way many of us will need to be extra careful with the pennies. This is where Spendee comes in…

      3. 1 in 5 Brits ‘trapped’ in poverty
      One in five workers across the UK are considered ‘trapped’ in working poverty, according to new findings that reveal a millions are struggling to find a job that offers earnings above the real Living Wage. The study by IHS Markit for KPMG has revealed how around 22% of all jobs in the country aren’t paying enough for their employees.

      4. How HR needs to learn from Netflix
      CEOs of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are losing a fifth of their working week to HR activities, leading to many becoming unfocussed on business strategy and the ongoing growth of the company, according to new research. A report from HR software platform breatheHR has urged bosses to embrace the ‘Netflix’ approach as they risk weakening their business by prioritising busywork.

      5. Digital Edition: October 2017
      Check out our latest magazine, featuring our profile with London PA of the Year, Katie Foster…

      6. WIN: 1 of 10 Post-it Collaboration Solutions product bundles worth more than £300
      Feeling uninspired at work? Struggling to think more creatively in boring brainstorms and dull team meetings?

      7. App of the Week: Pushbullet
      I find myself having one conversation on Twitter while taking a call from someone else, responding to emails and waiting for a text to come through. So many screens, so little time. This is where Pushbullet comes in…

      8. How much do you trust your boss?
      Workers across the UK have revealed what they value in a boss, and how well their management live up to expectations. With many having a clear idea of how staff should behave and what to look for in a valuable employee, workplace incentive provider One4all Rewards has shifted the spotlight to employers to review what we find the most important in an employer, be that a friendly smile or someone to share a pint with.

      9. Hunted – a unique MI5 team-building experience from AOK Events
      AOK Events is proud to officially partner with the man himself, Ben Owen (as seen on Channel 4’s hit show Hunted) to offer a unique, never before seen corporate activity.

      10. office* rolls out new breakfast sessions for 2018
      Guests attending next year’s office* event will get the chance to take part in new breakfast seminars every day.

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