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Health and wellness has topped the news this week, as uncertainty, tragedy and violence has swept the world and left us all feeling less safe than the beginning of the week. Be it mental health or physical health, at home or abroad, we’ve all felt the week’s unease. As the weekend comes at last, here’s an overview of the stories that have made the biggest impact with you throughout the week.

  1. Men more likely to experience mental health problems in work than women
    ‘Macho culture’ in the workplace could be responsible for nearly a third of men suffering from poor mental health, according to new studies. Research by Mind has revealed that men are more than twice as likely to experience mental health in the office than they are socially, and are more than 50% more likely to be affected than women.
  2. How Facebook has changed the way we work
    Stuart Logan, Chief HR Officer at SoftServe explains how his company has utilised Workplace by Facebook to help its global employees stay in touch
  3. Business travellers urged to stay safe as violence spreads across the continent
    As violent protests and attacks become more common across Europe, Britain and the world, those travelling for business need to take extra precautions to keep safe in unfamiliar locations. Corporate travel risk management specialist beTravelwisehas released a guide to help workers caught in the middle of unpredictable incidents.
  4. Is your company prepared for future technology?
    Technology is continuing to change, and companies have had to adapt quickly to keep relevant in the shifting landscape, but just how has it altered the way we see the business world? Business Energy comparison specialist Love Energy Savingshas investigated the changes in tech and has spoken to industry experts to identify the best ways to futureproof your firm.
  5. Sick days rank among Brits’ top guilty pleasures
    Pulling a sickie and spending time in the house alone has been revealed as among the top British guilty pleasures, according to new research. A report by Tetley revealed that missing work just to watch daytime TV, eat chocolate and have full rein of your home without having to share your space with your partner, children, or flatmates is secretly the British dream.
  6. App of the Week: Zipongo
    B Welcome back to our weekly spotlight on helpful apps. We focus on a variety of products that are useful for work, personal use, or both, providing our own thoughts on the apps and what you can do with them. This week we eat healthier with Zipongo.
  7. 79% of women are worried they aren’t keeping healthy
    Four in five British women are facing an information overload when it comes to looking after their health, according to new studies. A report by skincare company E45 was commissioned as part of the launch of its new ‘Straight Up Skincare’ campaign, and the study revealed that through the constant onslaught of quick tips and health advice targeted at women, it’s becoming tougher than ever to work out the best way to stay healthy.
  8. PA Profile: Craig Harris
    Male assistants are few and far between, so when I come across a man in the community I’m instantly intrigued to get his thoughts on the profession. Add to the mix the fact that Craig Harris, EA to the Fundraising Director at housing and homelessness charity Shelter, was recently crowned the first male winner of Pitman’s SuperAchievers PA of the Year category and I know he’s perfect for our next profile.
  9. Unleash your inner Wonder Woman
    Mindfulness Expert Dana Zelicha presents five steps to unleashing your inner Wonder Woman and finding the right work-life balance using mindfulness
  10. Are you comfortable discussing mental health? PA Life readers respond
    Company cultures may be intimidating workforces into silence without realising, as our readers have spoken out in support of reports that macho culture stops people discussing mental health.
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