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    Interviews to lunch habits, our readers have taken a keen interest in office life this week, so we’ll leave you with a selection of the stories you’ve enjoyed the most in the last seven days so you can catch up on anything you’ve missed this weekend. And, if you really fancy, you could always re-read an article. You know, if you’re feeling nostalgic about the great articles produced this week.

    1. How to know if you had a good job interview
      Walking out on an interview doesn’t always leave you with a sense of certainty. Outside of the recruiter giving you a sly smile or declaring you hired on the spot, it can be hard to judge how an interviewer is feeling when it comes to bringing you into their company without asking for feedback.
    2. PA Life readers reveal the worst parts of office life
      PA Life readers are undecided on the biggest struggles of the working day, with the commute and the management revealed as joint worst.
    3. Brits are eating the same lunch every day
      One in three British workers are about to sit down to the exact same lunch they have every other working day, according to the latest study from food delivery service Deliveroo. The report comes as part of the service’s lame lunch amnesty, which is offering free delivered food to replace disappointing dinners across the country.
    4. PA Life partners with Asemblr to white label event-planning platform
      We’re pleased to announce we have formed a partnership with Asemblr, an innovative event-booking platform designed with PAs in mind.
    5. App of the week Invoice2go 
      Welcome back to our weekly spotlight on helpful apps. We focus on a variety of products that are useful for work, personal use, or both, providing our own thoughts on the apps and what you can do with them. This week we simplify our income with Invoice2go.
    6. Digital Edition: September 2017
      Check out our latest magazine, featuring our profile with EA to the MD of the Monaco Tourist Authority, Noémi Guy…
    7. How absence management can save lives
      With absence costing the UK economy £18 billion pounds per year, Suzanne Monk, clinical governance officer for FirstCare, examines how a nurse-led absence management policy can not only save your company money, it can also save lives.
    8. Social media is changing our attitudes at work
      Social media is affecting the way we present ourselves in the office, according to findings from London Offices. The research revealed that many office workers are getting more tongue-in-cheek with their out of office auto-responses, in ways replicating how they present themselves on more casual social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.
    9. Bosses are putting employee wellbeing at risk
      Managers could be risking the health of their employees by not taking wellbeing seriously, according to a new report by HR Magazine. The study revealed by the HR news site showed that many businesses could be putting too much pressure on their staff to work outside of their contracted hours, and measures need to be taken to prevent major workforce fatigue.
    10. Why you should be hiring Millennials
      Managers are unsure of what to make of Millennials. Are they the lazy generation or are they too committed? Do they have it all figured out or are they learning it all from the TV? Whatever the case, they’re shaking up the workplace, and bringing them into your company is the quickest way to futureproof your company. The office specialists at DBI Furniture Solutions have compiled their top reasons for embracing the younger generations and how to make the most out of your business.

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